Abri d’étanchéité de train

Abri d'étanchéité de trainTraduction en cours…

Abri d’étanchéité extensible pour réception des trains, conçu pour des ouvertures de portes de 10′ 0″ de large X 10′ 0″ de haut,  the Series « R » provides the optimum airtight insulated passage way from the loading dock to the railcar . Once inflated the pressure against the railcar creates a gasket sealing effect that is maintained during operations regardless of wind or car movement. The unique roller retraction system quickly deflates the unit against the wall when the motor is turned off without the use of unsighty restraining shock cords. The series “R” creates an optimum seal that blocks out foul weather, insects, dust, and dirt, while saving money on energy costs. Inflatable rail shelters will help productivity by increasing safety, protecting personnel, products, and equipment.

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