Quai niveleur à coussin d’air

Quai niveleur à coussin d'air  Capacities from 25,000 to 60,000 lbs Auto-Descent Lip extension ,Self cleaning lip hinge, Wide flange structural deck beams with 33% beam to deck weld pattern and continuous welds at the header plate and lugs ,Structural welded lifting pansAIR-STOP™ Deck Control (optional) Continuous fixed rear hinge with no pinch, trip or impact points Open deck allows for easy inspection Full width plated front & rear hinge rods Deck and lip maintenance supports Full range telescoping side guards 6 Solid steel rear frame supports for rear hinge Fully protected single chamber Air bag activation System.Security night locks,Rear pockets for easy forklift handling,Easy clean-out frame design Self contained easy access120 volt fan motor.


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