Catégorie : Coussins d’étanchéité

Coussin d’étanchéité à tête télescopique

Custom sized to insure a perfect seal Wood-backer is made with the highest quality lumber available Long lasting and low maintenance Yellow guide stripe is: vulcanized (head sealed) not sewn on Long lasting, high quality vinyl with U.V stabilizer to prevent fading No structure to crush, high density memory foam compresses on all sides reducing […]

Coussin d’étanchéité gonflable à tête fixe

Traduction en cours… Designed for door openings up to 8’0’’ W * 8’0’’H where vehicles are of a generally standard size. Since the trailer is spotted before the seal  is inflated, the series F14/F18/F22  is the ideal solution to eliminate potential damage to the structure of a building wall. The unique sealing process seals effectively […]

Coussin d’étanchéité déflecteur de pluie

Can be used with or without a Dock Seal Trailer width 8’-0’ to 8’-6’ Trailer heights may vary up to 9 inches Standard unit projection 34’’ Standard header curtain drop 36’’ Impact ends are reinforced with a PVC coated and impregnated material made of women multifilament polyester

Coussins d'étanchéité compressible

Coussin d’étanchéité compressible en L

Conçue pour les ouvertures de porte jusqu’à 10 pi L x 10 pi H, la série 0701 permet un accès complet et non obstrué sur toute la largeur (8 pi et 8 pi 6 po) et la hauteur de l’intérieur de la remorque et de l’expédition porte tout en fournissant une protection exceptionnelle contre les […]

Coussin d’étanchéité compressible à rideau ajustable

Adjustable curtain for trailers with varied height Custom sized to insure a perfect seal Wood-backing is made with the highest quality kiln dried lumber available Yellow guide stripe is vulcanized (heat sealed) not sewn Adjustable “split” curtain is an available option Extra long lasting, high quality vinyl U.V. stabilizer to prevent fading and cracking Specially […]