Catégorie : Quais niveleurs

Rampe stationnaire

Ramp stationary steel ramp allows the customer to convert one or more receiving doors to a » drive in style » door. The customer now has an option of bringing forklifts down to ground level or bringing vehicles into the warehouse. This style ramp also avoids the construction costs of digging, the placement of concrete foundations, and […]

Rampe mobile de cour

 Light-weight Aluminum Mobile Yardramp permits the loading and unloading of trailers and railcars, with a propane operated fork lift, in areas where normal docking facilities are not available. The yardramp can be easily moved on either pnematic or solid cushion tires. Yardramp capacities range from 11,000 to 24,000 lbs; the standard operating width is 63″ […]

Quai niveleur à coussin d’air

  Capacities from 25,000 to 60,000 lbs Auto-Descent Lip extension ,Self cleaning lip hinge, Wide flange structural deck beams with 33% beam to deck weld pattern and continuous welds at the header plate and lugs ,Structural welded lifting pansAIR-STOP™ Deck Control (optional) Continuous fixed rear hinge with no pinch, trip or impact points Open deck […]

Quai niveleur vertical de train

TRADUCTION EN COURS… Fully Hydraulic Powered Deck, Lip & Side Shift Functions Push Button Controlled Hydraulic Side Shift Locks Deck in Position for Safe Loading Mechanical Safety Latch Locks Deck in Stored Position Full Width Milled Guide Rail & Full Width Deck Hinge Lug Style Lip Hinge for Maximum Strength From 7 Foot to 10 […]

Quai de train à lèvre extensible

TRADUCTION EN COURS… Fully Hydraulic Powered Deck, & Lip Push Button Controlled Hydraulic Lip Accurately Positions Lip for Safe Loading Deck  Size 8 Foot Wide X 8 Foot Long 40,000, 60,000 and 80,000 Pound Available Capacities Solid Steel Run Off Guards Full Width Rear Piano Hinge with Zinc Plated Rod

Quai niveleur vertical

Exceptional Environmental, Energy and Security Control Design La traduction Française est en cours… Protects Overhead Door From Impact Power Up & Power Down Deck Functions Emergency Stop and Full Lip Control Functions Mechanical Safety Latch Locks Deck in Stored Vertical Position 20,000 – 50,000 lb. Available Capacities Exclusive Lip Lug and Header Plate Design Ensures […]

Quai niveleur industriel

La traduction Française est en cours… Exclusive Lip Lug and Header Plate Design Ensures Maximum Strength Auto–Sensing Holdown with Unlimited Float Center Position Holdown Eliminates Deck Twist for Level Storage Soft Release Activation Full Yielding Walkout Lip Extension Below Dock End Load Control Continuous Rear Hinge Assembly

Plaque de transfert

Notre gamme complète de plaques de transfert en acier et en aluminium pour train et camions sont conçues ingénieusement pour combler vos besoins. Des capacités standards allant jusqu’à 24 000 lbs (11 000 kg). Grandeurs sur mesure, excédant 72 po (1,83 m) et avec des capacités de plus de 24 000 lbs (11 000 kg) […]


La traduction Française est en cours… Facile à installer – aucun puit requis S’opère manuellement avec facilité Small Footprint permet un accès facile pour le nettoyage du plancher et l’entretien de routine Minimise la perte d’énergie et améliore la prévention de pertes Unique Arched Design Provides Structural Integrity For Heavy Loads Modèles de 6pi et 7pi, […]

Quai mural hydraulique

EN COURS DE TRADUCTION… Heavy-Duty Hydraulics with Patented Dual Function Activation Exclusive Self-Cleaning Lip Lug & Header Plate Design Ensures Maximum Strength Smooth Transition Continuous Fixed Rear Hinge With No Pinch, Trip or Impact Point Integral Lip & Deck Maintenance Supports Full Width Plated Front & Rear Hinge Rods Dual Side 33% Deck to Beam Weld Pattern