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Quai niveleur vertical de train

TRADUCTION EN COURS… Fully Hydraulic Powered Deck, Lip & Side Shift Functions Push Button Controlled Hydraulic Side Shift Locks Deck in Position for Safe Loading Mechanical Safety Latch Locks Deck in Stored Position Full Width Milled Guide Rail & Full Width Deck Hinge Lug Style Lip Hinge for Maximum Strength From 7 Foot to 10 […]

Quai niveleur vertical

Exceptional Environmental, Energy and Security Control Design La traduction Française est en cours… Protects Overhead Door From Impact Power Up & Power Down Deck Functions Emergency Stop and Full Lip Control Functions Mechanical Safety Latch Locks Deck in Stored Vertical Position 20,000 – 50,000 lb. Available Capacities Exclusive Lip Lug and Header Plate Design Ensures […]