For your storage or handling equipment

Whether for your warehousing or handling equipment, preventive and routine maintenance is a most profitable investment since it reduces your operating costs and lost production.

We are all concerned to respond to the request of our bosses or customers and we neglect. Our equipment is not our priority until there is an incident. Whether it is a racking system that collapses or a dock leveler that no longer works, the production automatically undergoes repercussions. A sealing cushion or a door that does not work well, so it is on the sanitary side that suffered repercussions especially if we are in the food or pharmaceutical field.

Routine and preventive maintenance will avoid these losses of production and agravations. Your staff will feel safer and also much more productive and appreciated. Planning an interview ensures that there will be no loss of production and avoid surprises at the most precarious time.

Moreover, with Bill C-21, any director and / or warehouse owner can now be criminally charged for negligence if his equipment does not meet industry and CSST standards. A little prevention will make all the difference. We can never avoid all accidents, but at least we can avoid those caused by a lack of maintenance.

All maintenance work is subcontracted by highly specialized technicians in their respective fields. Whether for a dock, a safety hook, a cushion, a door, a racking system, a mezzanine or even equipment locker, I have not a team to do everything but of teams of specialists for each particular product. It will save you time and money by replacing only damaged parts with proper components and it will not waste your time or yours since it knows exactly what to do in each situation. In addition you will have only one supplier account that manages the best subcontractor for the application in particular and at the most competitive rates.