Quai niveleur industriel

Quai niveleur mécanique industrielLa traduction Française est en cours…

  • Exclusive Lip Lug and Header Plate Design Ensures Maximum Strength
  • Auto–Sensing Holdown with Unlimited Float
  • Center Position Holdown Eliminates Deck Twist for Level Storage
  • Soft Release Activation
  • Full Yielding Walkout Lip Extension
  • Below Dock End Load Control
  • Continuous Rear Hinge Assembly
  • Seven Rear Structural Frame Supports
  • Self Cleaning Lip Hinge
  • Open Frame Design for Easy Pit Cleaning
  • Retractable Solid Steel Deck Stops
  • Integral Maintenance Supports
  • Working Range Side Guards
  • Zinc Plated Hinge Rods
  • Center Deck Support