Why do business with an independent warehouse & manufacturing consultant?

  • Because security in your warehouse is a concern for you.
  • Because you seek to increase the productivity of your employees.
  • Because you are looking for a better way to use available space before considering an expansion, a move or even a new build.
  • Because savings in the short and medium term is what you want.

But who can really answer all these questions? An independent manufacturing consultant with over 30 years of expertise, does it reassures you.

Luc Veillette Consultant Inc. offers a consulting service based on more than 30 years of expertise on everything from when your truck crosses the sidewalk to get to your reception / shipping docks to your employees’ locker rooms. . He does not go to your offices. There are people more specific than me for that, but I will be happy to refer you if necessary.

Whether for the safe design of your reception / shipping areas, for your storage system, for a conveyor system or manipulator, for the layout of locker rooms for your employees, I will be happy to help you refer you to very satisfied customers. Above all, we must not forget the obligations of diligence that are incumbent on employers now as much as on the safety of employees. Bill C-21 is very clear on this. Not to mention the visits of the representatives of the CSST.

I also offer you a detailed report with photo support of your racking system and this based on the Guide pallettiers prepared by the CSST jointly with ASTE. This will allow you to meet standards, increase security and perform. A report will surely save you trouble with the CSST people and surely you can avoid unpleasant incidents and the CSST bonuses that get caught up in it.